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What is the full name of IHGF?
It is called Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair

Earlier it was known as Indian Handicrafts and Gift Fair (IHGF) held twice a year (Spring and Autumn) 48 shows of IHGF have already been organized by EPCH..
Information related to change of Month and Dates of IHGF Delhi Fair (Spring) 2020.
Q:- Do You know that the dates of IHGF-Delhi Fair Spring 2020 has been changed?
Ans:- Yes, the dates have been changed from February to April (15-19 April, 2020) at India Expo Center & Mart.

Q:- When did you change the dates ?
Ans:- The communication regarding change of dates were sent since April 2019 and it is the first time IHGF-Delhi Fair Spring is being held in the month of April and not in February.

Q :- What are the reasons for changing the month and dates of 49th Spring edition of the fair?
Ans:- The time gap between Autumn and Spring edition of IHGF-Delhi fair was very less i.e. only 4 months, as Autumn is held in October and Spring in February. Change of month from Feb to April for Spring edition will provide six months lead time to the exhibitors to produce new and innovative products to display during IHGF-Delhi Fair Spring edition.

Q:- What will be weather in Delhi NCR in month of April?
Ans:- Min. 20 and maximum 34-35 degree Celsius.

Air conditioned to and fro shuttle buses from designated hotels will be plying during the fair. Venue is also centrally air conditioned.

Q:- Is there any promotional offer for overseas buyers visiting the show in April, 2020?
Ans:- Yes, the overseas qualifying buyers will be offered star category hotel accommodation at US $ 100 only for 4 nights during the show. It covers single/double occupancy room.

The actual cost of hotel for 4 nights is around US$ 600.

Q:- Where are the hotels located to be provided under promotion offer ?
Ans:- The hotels will be located in City Centre, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida (close to Fair Ground)

Q:- Whether to and fro shuttle bus service for buyers from the hotel is available?
Ans:- Yes

Q:- Which countries are included in the promotional offer.
Ans:- Buyers from all countries are eligible for promotional scheme.

Q:- How can the offer be claimed by the buyers ?
Ans:- Buyers will have to fill up the buyers proforma for promotional star hotel accommodation offer and also provide the copy of the passport in order for EPCH to confirm the hotel booking. The buyer has to submit the completely filled form along with attachments to

Q:- How and when the US $ 100 payment is to be made?
Ans:- On receipt of the completely filled form along with passport details, a confirmation letter will be sent to the buyer asking him/her to remit the money to the allotted hotel.

Q:- How many buyers from one company can be invited under the scheme ?
Ans:- Any number of buyers can be invited.

Q:- Whether airport transfer is available under the scheme ?
Ans:- No, however, transport from hotel to venue and back is available.

Q:- Whether break-fast and taxes included in the scheme
Ans:- Yes, buffet break-fast and all taxes are included under the scheme.

Q:- Will you provide visa recommendation letter to the visiting overseas buyers?
Ans:- Yes, Visa recommendation letter will be provided by EPCH.

Q:- In case the buyer wishes to stay more than four nights, who will pay for the additional nights
Ans:- Payment for additional nights will have to done by the Buyer. The full tariff charges has to be borne by the buyer.

Q:- Incase there is no show, whether the amount remitted will be refunded or not ?
Ans:- Amount remitted under promotional scheme of hotel will not be refunded.

What kind of fair IHGF is?
It is a purely business oriented fair open only to business visitors.
No Retail or Local order booking is made at this fair.
By and large only foreign buyers visit this fair to source their requirement.

However, Volume retail buyers representing domestic retail chain are also encouraged to visit the fair.
Who are the Organizers of the Fair and what is its complete address?
Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts is the organizers of the fair.
Complete address is given below :
Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
"EPCH House",
Pocket 6&7, Sector 'C', LSC, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (India).
Phone: +91-11-26135256/57/58
Fax: +91-11-26135518/19
What are the dates for Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair – Spring 2020?
The dates of the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair -Spring 2020 are April 15th to 19th.
What are the opening & closing hours?
The fair timings are under:
10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. - (April 15th to 18th )
10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. - (April 19th)
What are the helpline numbers?
Please note the following helpline number and e-mail:-

Toll Free Number : 1-888-664-8664
Buyer's query/information : 00919818725553 (
Hotel booking : 00919871121212 (
Free shuttle service : 00919818725533 (
Email :
What is the venue of the Fair?
Venue of the fair is India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida Expressway, Greater Noida, Delhi (NCR).
What is the Complete address of the fair venue? Is it in Delhi or Noida?
India Expo Centre & Mart
The venue is in the National Capital Region of Delhi. It is actually located on Greater Noida Expressway Way, in Greater Noida falling under National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR).The exact location is as follows:-

Indian Expo Centre & Mart,
Knowledge Park II
Greater Noida Expressway
Greater Noida 201308 (NCR)
What are the product categories on display?
Product categories on display include:
How many exhibitors are likely to exhibit during Indian Handicrafts and Gifts fair – Spring 2020?
More than 3200+ Indian exhibitors of handicrafts & gifts products in Halls includes 900 permanent marts of Handicrafts and Gift items.
What will be the weather conditions around exhibition period?
Min. 20 and maximum 34-35 degree Celsius.
Air conditioned to and fro shuttle buses from designated hotels will be plying during the fair. Venue is also centrally air conditioned.
Who exhibits in the fair?
Indian manufacturers & exporters of handcrafted products drawn from all parts of India exhibit their merchandise at this show. The visitors are overseas buyers.
Is there any fee for attending the fair?
Entry is free for all trade visitors.
What is entry procedure?
Entry is purely on the basis of Registration of business visitors.
Registration can be done online as also at the site.
The online registration of the visitors is available at .
However entry is restricted to business visitors only.
Pre-registered buyers are provided entry badges in advance.
They can simply go to the Registration Desk, give their business card, show the badge and get the welcome kit before proceeding to exhibition halls.
The business visitors who have not made registration Online can reach the fair venue, approach Registration Desk, fill up Registration form, give their business card, obtain entry badge and other literature etc. from the Registration desk. Indian business visitors can obtain on request, an invitation from the organizers provided the organizers are satisfied with the visitor's business credentials.
Do I need to pre-register to attend the fair?
It is advisable to pre-register to attend the fair. However, overseas buyers can also register on arrival at fair venue.
For online Registration please see website: .
What documents are required for attending the fair by a foreign Businessman?
Any overseas business person having a valid visa for entry into India can attend the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair. They will be required to obtain entry badge after registration at the fair by furnishing his/her business details. Registration can be done in advance through the website: .
Where can we get a list of the exhibitors before we arrive?
List of exhibitors is provided to pre-registered visitors. However, it will also be uploaded on the EPCH website: a few days prior to the fair. A directory of last edition of IHGF Delhi Fair i.e. Autumn fair held from October 16th to 20th 2019 is already available at for reference to check the kind of exhibitors and their products.
Are you offering any facilities to the buyers?
Buyers are offered free registration, free shuttle bus service from the identified hotels to the fair venue and back along with free working lunch.
Are there Restaurants available in the premises?
Yes, Restaurants and Food Courts are available in the vicinity on payment basis at First and Second Floors. Indian, Continental and Italian food is available.
Are you offering complimentary air ticket & hotel accommodation?
Presently there is no scheme for offering complimentary air ticket. However star category hotel accommodation for US $100 for 4 nights is available to overseas buyers on first-come-first-served basis.
Is there any financial subsidy/assistance available for foreigner's particularly new buyers or journalists to travel to Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair Spring 2020?
There is a scheme under which either the travel expenses or the expenses of local hospitality viz. boarding and lodging costs is reimbursed to very limited number of buyers/journalists by the organizers. Presently buyers and journalists from following regions are being provided this kind of assistance. These are LAC, CIS, and AFRICA & ASEAN. For availing the above facilities, specific request is to be made to the organizers viz. Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts through the Indian Embassy. Facilities available to the buyers are different from the facilities available to the journalists.
Which is the nearest airport?
Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is the nearest Airport.
How far is the Show venue from the airport?
The show venue is about 70 minutes' drive from the airport in normal hours.
Is visa available on arrival?
Only a few countries are entitled for visa on arrival. These are
- Finland
- Luxembourg
- Japan
- Indonesia
- Philippines
- Cambodia
- Laos
- South Korea
- Vietnam
- Singapore
- Myanmar
- New Zealand.
Visitors from all other countries have to obtain visa in advance from Indian Embassy in their country before departure for India.
* (For any further details/updates please visit
Can I get invitation for visa?
Invitation for visa can be given on receipt of information in the prescribed proforma which is available on the website: However, the following details of passport are necessary for issue of invitation for visa.
Passport Number
Name as in Passport
Address as in Passport
Date of Birth
Place of Issue & Expiry of Passport
Scanned Copy of the Passport
Place of Issue
You may kindly write to us at to get the visa recommendation letter
How visitors can book the hotel?
Visitors can approach any of the hotels from the panel of Hotels of the organizer EPCH who offer discount in tariff. Complete list of hotels offering discount is available on the website: or (the link will be updated soon). Booking can be made by contacting the authorized official of the hotel concerned.Hotel booking can also be made on request to or you may call Mr. Kushal Talwar at 00919871121212
Which are the hotels close to the fair ground and how much time it will take to reach the fair ground?
Hotels close to the fairground are
- Radisson Blu- Greater Noida
- Jaypee Delcourt
- Jaypee Atlantis
- Jaypee Greens Golf
- SPA Resort and Formula One.
It takes 10 to 15 minutes approximately to reach fair venue.
Which are the hotels in the City Centre – New Delhi and how much time it will take to reach the fair ground?
Hotels in the city center are:-
- Shangri-La
- Le-Meridian
- The Park
- The Lalit
- The Oberoi
- Hiton
- The Suryaa
- The Royal Plaza
- Hilton Garden Inn etc.
The fair venue is about 45 minute's drive from the above hotels. There are many other hotels also.
Which are the budget hotels close to the fair venue?
A list of budget hotels is available on the EPCH website. or (the link will be updated soon)
Is Hotel providing Airport Transfer?
Normally every hotel provides airport pick up but may charge the same from the visitors separately. Visitors can also contact Help Desk of EPCH for hotel at or Hotel Helpline number: 91-9871121212.
Will there be shuttle buses to take buyers from hotel to fair venue and return?
Yes, there will be complimentary shuttle buses available during show on prescribed times from hotel to the fair venue and back.
Can you inform shuttle hours and frequency from the Hotel?
A brochure of the shuttle service will be available on website: or link will be updated soon).The latest details shall be forwarded to pre-registered visitors.
Should I need to book shuttle or it will stop automatically to Hotels?
No need to book shuttle, it will automatically stop at the listed hotels. Moreover, your hotel reception will carry details
Can I get taxi from Delhi to Show Venue and what will be charges for the same?
Radio Taxi on direct payment basis

The charges for using Radio Taxi from India Expo mart Greater Noida would be as per fare meter i.e INR 23/ km and (INR 28.75 incl. night charges from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am). Parking (as & if applicable), Waiting charge (Rs.100/ hr.). Toll Charges (if applicable) would be extras.

Cabs would be available after calling & booking at Mega Cabs Customer Care Number +91 11 41414141.

* Kindly confirm rates from the above number as they are subject to change
Is there a Metro connection from City Centre to the fair venue?
Yes.The nearest connection (Knowledge Park II Metro Station) is 500 meters away. It is not advisable to come through Metro. However, shuttle service is operated from Botanical Garden Metro Station to fair venue and visitors can avail also.Please refer shuttle service schedule or link will be updated soon )
Is transport available to visitors to leave early from exhibition venue?
Yes, transport is available but on payment basis to the metered taxies available at the fair venue.
What should I do when I get into the fair if I have already registered?
Please come to the buyers Registration Counter at fair venue present your Business card and collect a fair kit with Entry Badge etc.
Can we enter the fair without badges?
Badges are necessary for entry into the fair.These can be obtained from the Buyers Registration Desk after filling the business details in the buyers registration form at fair venue.
How visitors can get entry badge for their associates?
Badges for associates can be obtained at the registration desk after completing the registration format.
Do you allow children into the fair?
Children below 18 years of the age are not permitted to enter the fair.
How many Exhibition Halls are there?
Total 15 Halls
Is the fair layout available?
Layout will be sent to pre-registered buyers after finalization of exhibitors. Layouts are also available at the registration counter.
Whether venue is accessible by physically challenged person? Is wheelchair available at the fair venue?
Yes, venue is accessible by physically challenged person and wheel chair will be available on request from the medical counter. An advance request can be made to the organizers for wheel chair.
Are you offering interpreter?
Interpreters' facility is available on payment basis and pre-booked on request.
How to get basic information about rules and regulations about import from India?
The rules for import from India/export from India are simple.The Indian exporter has to book an order with the overseas buyer.In other words the overseas buyer has to place an order with the exporters from India for import into his country. The Indian exporter will complete all procedural formalities with respect todocumentation, taxes, duties etc. For finding out exporter from India of a particular product for import nto other country, the importer has to approach one of the Export Promotion Council to find the appropriate exporters/suppliers.
Can you get us in touch with an agency that can help us find new suppliers and coordinate a container?
Yes, the Council via EPCH has the information on suppliers are the buying agencies in India.However, you have to interact, negotiate and discuss your individual requirement with the respective buying agency.Since Council is not involved directly or indirectly with the buying agency in their business transaction.
Can I exchange money at fair venue?
Yes, foreign exchange counter is at fair venue at ground floor, CFB building.
Is car parking facility available?
Yes, please collect car parking sticker from the buyers registration counter.
What are the common fair facilities?
The following are the common fair facilities available at Central Function Building (ground Floor) :-
- Foreign Exchange Counter
- Medical Aid
- Free Internet
- Taxi service
- Travel desk
- Business Centre
- Information Desk
- Buyers Lounge
- Left luggage Counter
Is free internet facility available?
Yes, you can access free internet at the fair ground
What services are available at the Buyers Lounge?
The buyers lounge is intended to provide snacks, tea, and coffee and lunch etc. to the visiting buyers. The lounge also provides free internet facilities to the buyers for their use with regard to e-mails etc.
Where should I make complaint of an exhibitor?
A written complaint can be made to or a phone call may be made to 0091-11-26135256 Extension 106. However it may please be noted that Council is not a legal or arbitration body. The Council will make necessary efforts to resolve the trade dispute and provide amicable solution to the affected party.

These FAQs are of general nature and are illustrative only. However, any specific queries are to be dealt as per guideline/terms of the EPCH and one can also contact at +91-9818725553